Expert Dog Training Tips

For Tom Davis and the team behind Upstate Canine Academy, dog training is our passion and we want to share our best tips, tricks, and tactics with you! Read our blog to learn more about behavior modification training, puppy training, off-leash training, and more!

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Must-Follow Tips for New Dog Owners

Every dog owner wants a healthy and happy pet, but it isn’t always easy. Dogs need care and attention to thrive, and they can be difficult to manage at times. To make sure that your new dog is healthy and happy, follow these three rules: Make Your Dog Comfortable With Boarding Whether you travel for…
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4 Benefits of Dog Daycare with Artificial Turf

Upstate Canine Academy is proud to offer the largest outdoor play area in the Albany and Saratoga regions with premium artificial turf. Unlike the artificial turf, you might find on a sports field, the pet turf in our Clifton Park dog daycare facility is specifically designed for dogs. It not only looks nicer year-round and…
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Faster PickUp Process for Doggie Daycare

Beginning Thursday, November 19, Upstate Canine Academy will be adding text messaging to our contactless pick up process to make it faster and easier to pick up your dog from doggie daycare. Simply text (518) 723-3006 with your dog’s first and last name (ex. Bailey Smith) when you have arrived, and we’ll bring your dog…
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Off-Leash Recall Training Using an E-Collar

The recall command is arguably the most important command when it comes to off-leash training. When walking with your dog off-leash it is super important to be able to recall your dog 100% of the time, with and without distractions. If your dog starts chasing a deer while hiking off-leash in the woods, you want…
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How to Fix Resource Guarding

This aggressive german shepherd has severe resource guarding behavioral problems. Professional dog trainer Tom Davis walks you through the entire dog training process and how to work with an aggressive dog. The dog in this training video, Jeffrey, resource guards to the point that he is resource guarding his owners to other people. His owners…
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