Category: Off-Leash Training

Are you wondering how to train your dog to be off the leash? Without the proper training, letting your dog off your leash can be dangerous. Thankfully there are off-leash training experts and tools such as an e-collar, to ensure that you and your pet can safely enjoy the freedoms of exploring off-leash. Get started with off-leash training by viewing these free resources and training videos below.

Off-Leash Recall Training Using an E-Collar

The recall command is arguably the most important command when it comes to off-leash training. When walking with your dog off-leash it is super important to be able to recall your dog 100% of the time, with and without distractions. If your dog starts chasing a deer while hiking off-leash in the woods, you want…
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How To Introduce E-Collar Training

I personally think that the e-collar is single-handedly the best dog training tool that has come out. With a lot of the advancements that we have now with the e-collar like the GPS trackers, vibrate modes, and tone modes, we can create Pavillonian effects and it has really given us more options and versatility when…
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