4 Benefits of Dog Daycare with Artificial Turf

happy pup at Doggy Daycare

Upstate Canine Academy is proud to offer the largest outdoor play area in the Albany and Saratoga regions with premium artificial turf. Unlike the artificial turf, you might find on a sports field, the pet turf in our Clifton Park dog daycare facility is specifically designed for dogs. It not only looks nicer year-round and is easier to maintain, but it’s actually better for your pets.

Why Doggy Daycare with Artificial Turf is Better for Your Dog

This specially designed surface is soft on dog paws and better for their joints, plus it’s cleaner and hypoallergenic, and it even reduces the risk of fleas and ticks.

Soft on Paws, Better for Joints

Concrete surfaces can be damaging to a dog’s paws and, as they age, running and playing on hard surfaces can lead to joint problems. Artificial pet turf provides a cushioned surface that is better for a dog’s joints, while heat-resistant fibers keep surface temperatures down and pet paws cool. Unlike other rigid or tough types of artificial turf, the blades of “grass” in our pet turf are specifically designed to be soft under the pads of your pup’s paws. 

No More Mud & Dust

If you’re tired of giving your dog a bath after every daycare session, then you’re going to love our facility’s artificial turf! Without mud or dust, dogs stay clean. Plus, artificial turf is extremely resistant to digging, so you never have to worry about muddy paws. It also means the dogs in our daycare program are not confined indoors for hours or days after a storm. There’s no soil to dry, so dogs are free to play as soon as the skies are clear. 

Safe & Hypoallergenic

Natural grass can leave some dogs itchy and cause redness and irritation. Dog daycare facilities with artificial turf are ideal for dogs with allergic sensitivities because they are hypoallergenic. Pet turf is also chemical-free, which means it is often safer for dogs than chemically-treated natural grass. The surface is also much easier to clean and disinfect, and drainage technology allows accidents to be hosed down, leaving a dry surface. 

Eliminates Risk of Ticks & Fleas

Common pests, like fleas and ticks, thrive in natural grass, but not on artificial turf. These pests need soil, living matter, and cool, moist places to feed, grow and breed. Therefore, a dog daycare facility with artificial turf acts as a natural flea and tick repellent. Not only is there no dirt or living matter for the insects to live in, but the porous backing of pet turf quickly drains moisture so water doesn’t collect on the surface. 

Join Our Clifton Park Dog Daycare Pack

In addition to offering the area’s largest outdoor artificial turf play area, our doggy daycare program also offers an excellent staff-to-dog ratio. Your dog is supervised at all times by highly trained staff experienced in dog behavior and pack mentality. Because our main focus is on dog training, our daycare program is like no other in the Albany and Saratoga region. Your dog will not pick up “bad habits” or other undesirable traits that are sometimes learned at other daycare facilities. In addition, all of the dogs in our pack are also carefully vetted for temperament and personality.

If you are interested in joining our Clifton Park Doggy Daycare Pack, contact us online, or call (518) 406-5559.