Off-Leash Recall Training Using an E-Collar


The recall command is arguably the most important command when it comes to off-leash training. When walking with off-leash dog training it is super important to be able to recall your dog 100% of the time, with and without distractions. If your dog starts chasing a deer while hiking off-leash in the woods, you want to know that your dog will listen to you and come back immediately.

So when you take the leash away, how do you effectively communicate with your dog and ensure they recall immediately every time. This is where utilizing an e-collar comes in. America’s Canine Educator, Tom Davis, demonstrates how to properly introduce the recall command to a dog utilizing an e-collar.

How To Introduce the Recall Command Using an E-Collar

When introducing your dog to off-leash training using an e-collar, it is important to first associate the vibration of the e-collar with a command they already know. For example, you can ask your dog to sit, hit the e-collar, then release it as soon as the dog starts to sit. This introduces the idea of pressure and release to the dog.

Once they are introduced to the e-collar and how it works, you can start practicing your recall. When first starting out we recommend having a long line on your dog. This will help to reinforce the command until your dog reaches the point of being able to listen to the command solely using the e-collar. Once your dog starts to understand the concept of off-leash dog training you can start testing them and slowly introducing distractions until you get to the point where you are confident in your dog’s recall abilities off-leash. In the video below, Tom Davis demonstrates how to properly introduce recall training via an e-collar.

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