Expert Dog Training Tips

For Tom Davis and the team behind Upstate Canine Academy, dog training is our passion and we want to share our best tips, tricks, and tactics with you! Read our blog to learn more about behavior modification training, puppy training, off-leash training, and more!

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How to Fix Resource Guarding

This aggressive german shepherd has severe resource guarding behavioral problems. Professional dog trainer Tom Davis walks you through the entire dog training process and how to work with an aggressive dog. The dog in this training video, Jeffrey, resource guards to the point that he is resource guarding his owners to other people. His owners…
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How To Introduce E-Collar Training

I personally think that the e-collar is single-handedly the best dog training tool that has come out. With a lot of the advancements that we have now with the e-collar like the GPS trackers, vibrate modes, and tone modes, we can create Pavillonian effects and it has really given us more options and versatility when…
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Puppy Training Tips & Advice

Hello everybody and welcome to the coolest dog training channel. I’m Tom Davis, America’s Canine Educator, and today I’m going to go over an efficient, fast, easy-to-follow blueprint for developing the perfect puppy for you. I’m also going to cover frequently asked questions about Puppy Training and the many crucial mistakes puppy owners make when…
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